Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wonderful Thanksgiving Week with Buckshot!

I had a wonderful four days with Buckshot last week, along with good weather- who could ask for anything more? On Friday, the arena was being used by another boarder so Buckshot and I rode on the grassy areas to warm up. He was perfect, responding well to my direction and behaving with perfect manners. Secretly, I was so proud of him, that I could ride him out of the arena without any problems. I know it sounds mean, but I had a tiny feeling of “I’ve got the best horse ever!” I shouldn’t think that, but he was so good I couldn’t help it. Then we headed down the road, by ourselves, to the field arena. By ourselves! It was the second time in two weeks we have successfully gone down the road to the field by ourselves! What an accomplishment! Buckshot was only a little bit hesitant at times, but for the most part, he walked steadily forward as asked! Wonderful!

When we got to the arena, it was a lovely, slightly cool, sunny day. The air felt so good. And Buckshot had good energy. With the whole arena to ourselves, I kept us busy with a plan of: doing lots of patterns. We did figure eights, circles in corners, a Z pattern, a half moon pattern, a special riding pattern and several reining patterns. We walked, trotted and cantered, and took small breaks between the patterns. Buckshot did very well, even at the canter. His right lead canters could have been better, but overall, he did great. It was a super ride! Then we headed back up the road, and seeing the main arena still in use, headed into the trail. We got about halfway through and then turned back. I had a great time with Buckshot, and gave him lots of treats and praise.

On Saturday we rode with the BO, BOH and my sister, and had a good time. On Sunday, I developed a new game for us. The arena was in use by a boarder so after I mounted Buckshot, we began walking around the grassy areas around the barn, arena, parking and house. Since we were waiting for a few others to groom and tack up, we had some time to kill. I called the game “point to point” and I used the alphabet. I decided on an object or a location to go to, for example, the apple tree, and I said to Buckshot, “For point A, go to the apple tree.” Then I guided him to the tree. Once there, I said “Okay, great. For point B, we will go to the corner post.” And we walked to the post. Then point C was the front of a truck. Point D was near the wash stall. And we kept going to letter R, when the other riders were ready. It was a lot of fun and Buckshot seemed to enjoy it, being guided to various places with purpose and praise. I’ll definitely do it again.

The group of riders went through the woods to the field arena and did some great work there. Then we returned to the barn. So, we were fortunate to have such good weather all week, and Buckshot did great

as well, and never got tired of me. It was lovely.

Tomorrow (Thursday) the vet will be coming to the farm to give Buckshot his annual tooth floating. A few other horses will have some things done as well. It should be a good day, and I will hover over Buckshot like a helicopter mother, watching his every move and mood, as he is sedated and floated, and recovers. Whenever the vet is involved, it brings out my most protective, mothering side. But I don’t apologize because he is my most cherished horse and I want the best for him. But I hope I’m not too overprotective – LOL!

Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful for you and your family!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a wonderful time with your wonderful horse!

Grey Horse Matters said...

Buckshot is a handsome guy for sure. Love his spots and his eyes! So nice to see a picture of you too.

It sounds like you and Buckshot had the perfect Thanksgiving weekend. Lots of rides, games and perfect weather. It doesn't get any better than that.