Thursday, November 1, 2012

We Survived Hurricane Sandy!

Just a quick post here (I'll write more later) to let you know everything is fine with us in Virginia. Last weekend at the farm, the very thoughtful BO had staged blankets, hay, feed in every barn. I had brought both of Buckshot's heavy winter blankets to the feed room attached to his pasture barn. So we were ready. (I also had done preparations for loss of power at my apartment, and for my dad.)

It rained and was cold and windy on Monday and Tuesday, and from what the BO told me later, Buckshot did get chilled and wet and had to be brought over to the main barn. (The main barn is where I tack him up; it is where there are appx 14 stalls, and where I have space for my tack, equipment and gear). He spent either one or two days in the barn with, no doubt, appx 13 other horses. Apparently he laid down Monday morning outside in the pasture, to get his REM sleep, and it was wet and cold, and even though he had his winter blanket on, he got chilled. So then the BO and BOH brought him over to the main barn. I guess he was somewhat stiff also, from the cold. Poor boy! By Tuesday night, she was able to take him back to his main pasture, so he must have been fine by then.

I haven't seen him yet, so will see him Saturday morning. I'm so glad I put both of his winter blankets nearby for him!

Luckily, the central Virginia area had very little damage from Hurricane Sandy. So sorry to hear about the northeast- we in Virginia have been there, with massive power outages, and the other damage. It's hard.

I'll write more about my rides with Buckshot - pre-hurricane- later. Thanks for your concern. Hope everyone is doing okay.


Kate said...

Glad you're all OK and that the barn owner was paying such good attention to Buckshot.

Story said...

So happy to hear that you guys are ok. What a terrifying storm.

juliette said...

Relief - glad you and Buckshot and family are doing well!