Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to my world of horses (my passion and interest), writing (my hobby), accounting (my job), and the resulting adventures and misadventures, from mundane to spectacular. I am starting this blog to share my thoughts about the top areas of interest to me: horses and writing.

On horses! I have been involved with horses – riding, owning and boarding – for over seven years. I have had my own horse for two years (not long in the horse world). I have a 20-something Appaloosa gelding named Buckshot (his photo is at the top of the blog, he is on the left, the horse on the right is his pasture-mate). He is my first horse! And he is a wonderful horse. I feel privileged that I am his person. We do pleasure and trail riding, in the arena and trails at the farm. We also do a variety of groundwork exercises and fun things. I read extensively about horses. And I follow a number of interesting, entertaining and touching horse blogs. I have also written a book about my journey with horses and my special horse. Getting it published is difficult to figure out and pursue, but pursue it I am. So I will share about this writing experience as well as about my horse, riding and training adventures.

On writing! Writing my book about my journey with horses has been a wonderful labor of love. I began writing about my experiences seven years ago. A year ago, I compiled it into chapters and typed it up. I have added chapters continuously, as the adventures continue to unfold. Also in the past year, I began doing more formal organization of the book as well as editing it. I have also begun learning about publishing a book. This has been quite an education. It has caused me to be interested in the publishing world and keeping up with issues. Today at Barnes & Noble – where I went during lunch to dream about some future placement of my book there – an older woman - much older than I am (tsk, tsk to self - she was in her sixties and I am in my fifties, not so old) told me about several things she liked about the Nook. I was amazed – this new fangled thingy has some great features that older readers will benefit from much more than younger readers! And even though I am an “I like paper books I can feel with my hands” type of reader, she even got me thinking about trying the Nook.

On books I bought recently.. I went window-shopping at a Barnes & Noble bookstore. I wanted to scout out the competition and learn more about memoir-biography-nonfiction books in the horse world. Instead I ended up buying two books! Here I am supporting my competition! And doing so willingly (I justified the $45 purchase partly as a) a cost of research on my book; and b) financially supporting another author.) Both sound like very good justifications! Ha! Of course, I also really, really want to read the books! They are, after all, about horses, and women. The books I bought are: Saddled by Susan Richards, and Why We Ride by Verna Dreisbach. I’ll let you know how I like them.

Again, welcome to my blog! Share your thoughts and adventures! I'll share as well! Since I am a new blogger, I apologize in advance for any mistakes and mishaps I may make. I will try to make this an informative, interesting and enjoyable blog to visit!

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