Monday, June 21, 2010

Designing a Blog is Hard Work!!

I have newfound respect and appreciation for all of the great blogs I have found and read. In working on setting up my first blog, I have learned a great deal, and most of all, I have learned that is it much harder to do than I ever thought! I will persevere and continue to improve my blog, and I appreciate your patience, dear reader, as I do so.

I have been learning how to use Paint software to improve my photos for the blog, so today I am going to attach a Paint-improved photo to this post. It is a shot of Buckshot from last winter, so his coat is a tad long. But when the cold days of winter roll by,I am glad he has a thick, warm coat. Although last winter I bought him a blanket for the first time, to help him through a mild case of colic or digestive upset. He was a real trouper with wearing a blanket, I think for the first time ever. He kept it as clean as a horse can! And buying a blanket was a learning experience as well, so many choices, options, prices, etc. Ah, the things we go through for our dear horses! (smile)

Thanks for listening, and for reading!

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