Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Lazy Weekend - Rain and Low Energy

Last weekend was lazy for Buckshot and I. Saturday was filled with rain, so I groomed Buckshot but we didn’t ride. On Sunday, the rain had passed, leaving heat and humidity behind. When I got Buckshot tacked up and out in the arena, he had low energy. We rode anyway, having a pretty good ride, but nothing noteworthy. After our ride, I walked Buckshot over to the wash stall, which he loves because there is a bucket with a bit of sweet feed for him to munch on while I rinse him off. He loves it!

I did more tack cleaning since I had so much extra time. Sorry my post isn’t more interesting.

Our vet is recommending a booster vaccine for West Nile because of the spread of the virus. I will get it for Buckshot. Have you given a booster for your horse? Hope you had a better weekend in your neck of the woods.

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