Monday, December 5, 2011

Lovely Autumn Weekend

I am feeling guilty about how much nice weather we have been having lately. It’s been mild and sunny most weekends lately, perfect weather for being with and riding Buckshot. Not much to share this week. I had great rides with Buckshot both Saturday and Sunday. He had good energy and we worked on patterns, trotting and cantering. He did nice work each day. Rides through the woods were wonderful, with the leaves crunching underfoot, and the blue skies visible over the canopies of bare tree limbs.

Above are some recent photos of Buckshot and I! What a handsome horse he is! (The brown thing on my right arm is my earmuffs- when not wearing them, I "store" them by wrapping them around my forearm.)

Hope you had good weather also. Knock on wood, it will continue!

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juliette said...

Your photos are fabulous. Aren't you glad you have those of you on your sweet boy for all time?

I hope your weather is still great. I think a cool down came through, but the sun and above normals might return! The great thing about winter riding is no bugs! Hooray!