Monday, January 24, 2011

Reflections... and Wonders....

Driving home from work tonight, the darkness enveloping, the shrill, sharp cold air surrounding my car, but me, within, nicely warm, driving slowly from stoplight to stoplight, I reflected on something I’d heard today. A radio program by a physicist who talked about matter and expanding universes and how math could explain all of life…..

And I thought, I don’t think so. There are huge things in life that my experience convinces me cannot be explained or quantified by math. There was the huge, black devastation I felt some twelve years ago when my mother died. A huge gulf of grief devastated me as I saw and felt for the first time, with a loved one, the bleak horror of death’s permanence. I learned that life held a terrible thing, one that I hadn’t even imagined.

Also, there are great mysteries of wonder that no science can quantify. For me, there are wonders of horses that transcend life’s banalities or life’s horrors. Just this past weekend, I enjoyed the wonder of a horse walking by my side, head down and relaxed, on a loose lead line. My heart warmed and swelled at seeing his trust and willingness to be at my side. The wonder of a powerful horse responding to my slight leg pressure to trot, amazes me. My sweet horse also stood so still and calmly while I intruded upon his dignity to wipe his behind of extra “dirt” (from soft poop), to make him more comfortable. I’d led him to a spot away from the prying eyes of other horses so as not to embarrass him as I did this clean up. Instead of fidgeting or worrying, he stood calmly as I took care of the task at hand, and then I rewarded him with a treat.

They may seem small and inconsequential, but to me, these are wonders- awesome, secret moments with horses that give me treasured gifts of love, trust, gladness, and “being there-ness.” Some of these moments are as quietly thrilling as they are ordinary. These are just some of the wonders I’ve been honored to experience with horses.

Now, reveries over, I’ll turn to a different topic.

Thank you so much to the bloggers who awarded me the Stylish Blogger award. I am very appreciative of everyone who reads my blog. And the thought of winning an award is just amazing to me. So thank you very, very much!

Now, I’ll share seven things you might not know about me.
1. I am the only person in my family to have a horse. I don’t come from a horsey family. I have a sister who rides in a lesson on Saturday so I am not alone in loving horses.

2. I’ve only been riding for about eight years. I’ve been taking lessons since the beginning.

3. Buckshot is my first horse. I am thrilled, and honored to be his person. We take lessons, ride solo, ride in reining clinics, ride on trails and do groundwork.

4. I have been writing a book about my horse experiences and it is ready to start the publishing phase. I’ll probably self-publish it. Buckshot might be famous some day! (I’ve mentioned this to him and he doesn’t seem the least bit impressed! LOL)

5. My other hobbies, for the few hours I’m not at the farm, are reading, cooking and painting. I love to paint horses and dogs mostly.

6. I started painting several years ago after my mother died. I felt a need to paint portraits of her, and so I did. I haven’t had any painting instruction. But it helped me heal after her death.

7. I love coffee, tea, donuts and cinnamon scones. I’ve even developed my own recipe for cinnamon scones! A few years ago, I entered a cooking contest, hoping to win a million dollars to help me get my own horse. I didn’t win. But I still got a horse!

I really enjoy reading a small number of blogs, and many of them have received and deserved multiple awards. So I have scoured the internet to find some new ones to pass this award onto. I apologize that I haven’t found fifteen but I would like to introduce you to these blogs. They are: 1. A Collection of Madcap Escapades, by Dom; 2. Mugwump Chronicles, by Janet; 3. Oh Horsefeathers ; 4. Solitaire Mare; 5. Trail Riding Cowgirl; 6. EquineMine. I hope you visit and enjoy these blogs!


Wolfie said...

Lovely post. Congrats on your award!

Anonymous said...

Horses most definitely do not care about books - in fact they really don't care about words at all - a good reminder to a wordy person like me!

Dom said...

Thank you for the award. :)

I agree there are things that math and science simply cannot explain.

We seem to have a lot in common. I've been riding for eight years. Ozzy is my first horse. My parents owned horses once upon a time, but I'm currently the only one in my family who has a horse. I can't say I'm GOOD at it, but I love painting. Looking forward to getting to know you better :)

Grey Horse Matters said...

Congratulations on your award. It's nice to get to know you better.

I've never been good at math and science. Actually, they were my two worst subjects. I don't particularly believe they can account or explain everything. I feel privileged to have horses and be able to interact with them. My horse really helped me when my mom died 13 yrs. ago and being with them never fails to make me feel better.

Carol said...

Congratulations - you deserve it!
My Mom, who's 87, lives with my husband Doug and I in the winter and we treasure her. I still rely on her so much. It was touching to read of your love for your mother. I hope time, painting and horses have given you comfort.

Mrs Mom said...

Thank you Jan! It's great getting to know you. This award has really been terrific getting new bloggers seen, so that we have more reading material! I'll be looking forward to reading more over here about your adventures with Buckshot!

juliette said...

Congratulations - and thank you for sharing your list and thoughts on your horse.

How exciting about the book! I love reading about Buckshot. Your love for him is very obvious and touching! I think so many horse people could learn how to care for a horse from you.

I am sorry about your mom and glad that painting helped you through that time. I find painting to be very theraputic too.

Also, I wanted to comment about your last ocmment on my blog - I am glad you are enjoying the blueberry iced tea! Although, with these temperatures I should have posted about my yummy coffee!