Thursday, October 14, 2010

Equine Extravaganza Comes To Virginia

Uh, oh. I’m getting that feeling. Deep in the back of my mind, I’m getting the rare urge to spend money. I know what is causing it. In a few weeks, we will have a huge and wonderful horse convention in Richmond, Virginia. It is called the Equine Extravaganza, and it is a terrific convention. There are three days of clinicians teaching in half-hour or hour sessions on every horse topic under the sun. Some are quite famous clinicians; others are less known. There are tons of horse vendors, with tons of wonderful things to buy! There are breed barns, and stallions, and outdoor demonstrations, and a three day competition of startup training of green horses. This year all three trainers are women! I’m intrigued by that. I’ve been to several of these conventions and have loved them.

I don’t think I’ve been to the Extravaganza since I got my own horse, and I think I am about to…… buy Buckshot some things!! I may even officially spoil him!! But that’s okay, it’s time to spoil him a little. You see, when I first got Buckshot, I outfitted him in used tack- used English all purpose saddle, used bridle, even a used bit! I did buy him a new, inexpensive saddle pad, and girth. I didn’t have to buy much in the way of grooming tools because I had been slowly buying them during my years as a riding student, hoping for my own horse.

Since those early days, I have bought a new high quality western saddle, and an excellent new saddle pad, and two winter blankets. But overall, I am pretty frugal, and haven’t spoiled him. (I mean, a used bit!? At the time, I thought, is this okay? It was exactly the type of bit Buckshot used: a D ring French link snaffle. But a used bit? That has been in some other horse’s mouth? However, when I showed it to Buckshot’s previous owner, he said, that’s fine, if it is in good condition, a used bit is fine. Just like used leather tack- if in good condition, used is fine. So Buckshot has been using the used bit ever since. I do check it for wear and any pinching when I clean it.)

So now I’m thinking, it’s time to spoil Buckshot a little bit (no pun intended). And I have the urge to spend, so look out!

However, I don’t actually know how I’d spoil him…. I don’t think he’d like cubic zirconia on a bridle, or flashy boots or leg wrappings. I don’t need any (more) Breyer horses (yes, I have a few….). A brightly colored halter wouldn’t do. I don’t braid his mane or tail so hair ornaments aren’t the ticket. The only thing I can actually think of is to buy him some new treats or cookies- he loves to eat!

Maybe a vendor will sell blue ribbons! For the best, most patient horse of a new horse owner. Or for the horse with the kindest eyes. Or for the horse with the most endurance for new and confusing groundwork exercises. Buckshot deserves all those, and more, blue ribbons!
Or maybe a bridle disc (that hangs on the bridle) personalized with his name. Or a personalized halter- that would be nice! Or perhaps a new lovely bridle. Oh, I’ll have to find something a little extravagant just for him!

Because I know what I will be like when I see him after the convention. I’ll have sat through several clinics, getting inspired, taking copious notes, and I'll have lots of new things I’ll want to try with him. I’ll come back to the barn excited and inspired, and he’ll have to put up with me and my enthusiasm! What a trooper he will be, maybe chuckling slightly behind my back, but he’ll gamely try out the new techniques I learn, and he’ll let me learn that some of them won’t work for us. How can I not love a horse like Buckshot, with his forgiving and patient personality. All he really wants is for me to not forget the treats!

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Grey Horse Matters said...

I've got a hunch he will be a very spoiled guy when you get back and he deserves every minute of it. I'm sure you'll find just the right stuff for him at the Extravaganza!Have fun.